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yelp event @ aura

January 27, 2009

despite bitching and moaning all day about feeling “icky,” i managed to eat a wrap before i left for the yelp event. i didn’t have any whole wheat tortillas šŸ˜¦ so i just wrapped it in one of tommy’s. in it went yesterday’s unfinished veggie burger salad and a hard boiled egg…how’s that for reinventing leftovers!Ā 



yum yum! finally some real food in tummy! and as an extra bonus- i think my make-up was looking pretty good! haha…this girl was ready to do some serious imbibing šŸ˜€Ā 


we got there around 8, an hour late but there was still tons of food and wine to go around (YAY!) tonight’s event was hosted by aura and held in a banquet room in the seaport hotel (where the restaurant is located). the event was amazing– there was a jazz singer, delicious munchies, and so many different types of wines to taste…it was so hard to choose where to begin!

i started with some whites– torrontes…i tasted two different types, unfortunately, i have horrible vision in the dark, and could not make out the labels, but three that were served were 2008 colome, 2008 crios de susana balbo and 2007 finca la linda. i also can’t remember which one i got a full pour of, but i enjoyed both that i tasted. they were very clean and crisp with a slight citrus-y acidity…if i had to compare it to a more “common” wine- it would be a sauvignon blanc…but ofcourse i am not a wine expert. i’ve never tried torrontes before- but i will definitely pick one up in the future.

after a few sips of my first glass, i decided to get some nibbles to eat. the spread was incredible with different stations catering to different tastes including sweet, salty, and spicy. there were lots of skewered meats and such but they weren’t labeled and i wasn’t feeling especially adventurous so i stuck to fruit, veggies and cheese (okay and one bacon wrapped scallop- how could i resist that!)



my second (full) glass of the night was a california chardonnay…no clue what label, but it was average so no big loss. i also had a second plate of food plus a piece of bread.


my last and final glass of the night was another torrontes. there were SO many different wines to taste so i feel bad for going back to it- but i really enjoyed it! it was nearing the end of the night- so this time i got a very generous pour šŸ˜€ this final glass was enjoyed with some sweets- milk chocolate and dark chocolate disks as well as caramel popcorn…(i went back for seconds on the chocolate on my way out :P)





i had a big glass of water and a slice of zucchini carrot bread when i got home–i put out one slice to defrost before i left.


and because i am slightly tipsy, and more importantly, my dress is too cute not to share (it’s vintage, from shareen’s vintage which you must check out if you’re ever in LA!) here’s me:


this was such a fun event–i don’t know how yelp is going to top it– but i’m sure they will šŸ˜€ and i love going out to the boston waterfront- i’m definitely going to ask tommy to take me back to aura when the weather is warmer!

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