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two scoops

January 28, 2009

i started the day with, no surprise here, raisin bran and unsweetened soy milk. does anyone else think that two scoops of raisins is too much? i feel like each bite of cereal has too many raisins. i think two per spoonful would be perfect, but i usually get like three or four raisins and then it’s just chew chew chew. i prefer crunch crunch chew crunch. someone else relates to this, riiiiight?


i had a two part meal later in the day. part one was tomato soup with half an avocado, half a tomato and a dollop of sour cream. i just wanted to use up some leftovers.  random! but it turned out creamy and delicious…kinda like a warm gazpacho?


part two was zucchini carrot bread, and a granny smith apple with peanut butter.


mmm….peanut butter 🙂


i’m snacking on frozen pineapple now– which is not so smart as i’m also sitting next to the window and it’s freezing! tomorrow is actually supposed to be the warmest day of the week (38 degrees- w00t!) so i’m going to take the opportunity to walk over to the gym (and by walk i mean cross a tiny parking lot)– no more excuses!

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