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happy meals

January 29, 2009

i’d love to be able to shop at whole foods every week, but it’s really not in my budget 😦 instead, i stop by once a month and stock up on goodies that aren’t available at the “regular” grocery store. i’m running low on peanut butter, so i’m planning on running over to wf this weekend to get some fresh ground nut butters. til then, my next few meals will be attempts to use up some random items that i have sitting in my fridge and cabinets.

for lunch, i put some of my neglected produce to good use…i had a whole wheat english muffin with avocado slices and alfalfa sprouts with carrot sticks and cracked red pepper hummus on the side.


as promised, i finally made it to the gym today. all i have to do is cross a small parking lot to get to my gym, but the slush and ice on the ground just makes it so unappealing! i had an uninspired workout (30 minutes on treadmill) but i’m really glad i finally went!

for dinner, i turned to the cabinets for inspiration…i pulled out whole wheat couscous, chickpeas, and sardines…


and with the addition of a big handful of spinach, my dinner started to take shape…


i added the soft boiled egg as a final thought…i boiled it earlier and was planning on eating it with lunch but changed my mind. i’m glad i added it to my couscous though, cus i absolutely love runny egg yolk and it added some nice flavor since i originally wanted to add a little butter to the dish. 

i didn’t know what to expect from the sardines (i snatched the tin from my parent’s house) but it was just big chunks of fish- kinda like tuna…i have two pieces left so i have to come up with something else to make with it, any ideas? i have some wild rice, so maybe i’ll combine them and make stuffed peppers…


for dessert, i ate the rest of my frozen pineapple. i’m actually slightly allergic to pineapple (as well as banana, melons, mango, and most other tropical fruit)…something to do with ragweed pollen and i don’t know. i get a slight irritation or itch in the back of my throat and insides of my ears 😦 does this happen to anyone else? it usually doesn’t stop me from eating those fruits though- they’re so yummy it’s worth a little itchiness. haha.


i want to get back to planning my meals for the week…and the cookbook that comes with the george foreman actually has some tasty sounding recipes! i’m so jealous of everyone who has a griddler– but i’m glad i atleast have the georgie! 

both my meals made me very happy today. i didn’t skip any meals, i ate healthy, and i’m soo glad i finally made it to the gym…i feel like i’m headed in the right direction. let’s hope i can stay on track…

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  1. February 3, 2009 4:44 pm

    YUM frozen pineapple 🙂 One of my favorite healthier after-dinner treats!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m having a fun time looking through your posts. I think you can definitely whip up some of that egg drop soup easily. It looks like you’re a great cook and good with Asian foods!

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