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late night hunger

January 30, 2009

i was up late last and found myself super HUNGRY. i felt like i ate a filling and balanced dinner, and could not understand what more my tummy wanted- so i ignored it for a while until the hunger turned into hunger pain. i ended up having a glass of soy milk and crawling into bed still a little hungry- but no longer in pain. 


i hate eating right before bed 😦 this wouldn’t be a problem if i didn’t stay up so late! since i’ve started working at home my sleep schedule has been totally off and it’s having a negative effect on my weight loss goals. i wake up late, so i end up skipping a meal, and finding excuses not to exercise. as i mentioned in my “weight loss” page/post, i’m giving myself the full year to lose the last 20-25 pounds and i plan on setting realistic goals and implementing permanent changes, not “quick fixes.” i plan on setting small goals and making changes (like cutting back on certain foods, or adding extra exercise) as the weeks and months progress. i’ve decided my first goal will be to sleep on a regular schedule- i hope to be in bed by midnight every night. hopefully this will make it easier to get in three meals a day, as well as get some much needed vitamin D! 


breakfast (or lunch since it was eaten at noon) was the usual cereal and soymilk. i have an orange peeled to snack on soon 🙂 happy friday!

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