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grocery shop

February 2, 2009

i had a semi-productive day which started with some cottage cheese and berries…


i bought some clothes at macy’s a few weeks ago, mostly cardigans and a blazer. the blazer was a little snug when i bought it, but it was such an amazing deal i decided i’d get it and return it if it didn’t fit by the time the return period was up. i actually do this a lot, but of course always forget to return it….so i have quite a few “skinny” clothes in my closet. 

anyways, the blazer fit! yay! the tags came off and i wore it today 🙂 it’s cute right? the sleeves are kinda long, but cuffs have these fun jumbo safety pins on them.


as planned we went grocery shopping today, whole foods and stop & shop. we grabbed a late lunch at whole foods before food shopping…a very yummy pound of food 🙂




i’m going to post our groceries too…we spent about $20 at whole foods and $50 at stop & shop. i went in with meals planned out (will post tomorrow) so that should be all for this week.

whole foods: i got my nut butters! i’m also obsessed with the bulk bins 🙂


stop & shop: so happy that chobani is still on sale!




we didn’t watch the superbowl today but i still wanted some “party food” to eat so i made us nachos with homemade guacamole and salsa. yum-my! 


it’s five past midnight so i better get to bed! goodnight!

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  1. February 2, 2009 9:02 am

    WHOLE FOOOODS!!! My second home 🙂

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