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spicy tofu stew

February 2, 2009

i’m so proud of myself. i went to bed at a reasonable hour finally 🙂 but i kind of failed at the waking up early part today. eh, it’s monday.

i went to bed craving peanut butter so of course it had to be the first thing i ate today…


banana-wich w/ half pb and half almond butter. yum! what types of ground your own nut butter does your whole foods have? the one closest to me only has peanut, honey roasted peanut, and almond. kinda boring 😦 i’m going to check out a different location next time. i know i’ve seen it with chocolate chips, or am i just imagining that?

for lunch i stuck to my menu plan- yay me! (or not, considering it’s only monday) and made soon-doo-boo, spicy tofu stew. it was good, but i should have bought the extra soft tofu that comes in the tube. oh well, live and learn.

i also used a pulmuone seasoning packet since i don’t really know how to cook korean and even when i try, i never have the right ingredients on hand. i’ve tried a few times to get my mom to teach me to cook a korean dish but i usually just end up trimming bean sprouts or peeling shrimp and learning nada. 




i can’t believe it’s past four already! i should get some work done…

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  1. February 2, 2009 6:03 pm

    looks good! love your blog!

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