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camera problems

February 18, 2009

non food or weight-loss related rant ahead:

my camera was SO not cooperating today! it lost my pictures from breakfast, and then my dinner pics came up as a file error- whaa? this happened yesterday as well, so after reading some reviews i decided to exchange it for a diff type. i left the pics that came up as “file error”  so i could show them the problem because i was prepared for the camera to work when i to best buy.

unfortunately, i had to deal with a real winner of a customer service guy. buy was so hostile while i explained the problem. he interrupted me with condescending quips, basically “you don’t know what you’re talking about.”  he owned the same camera and it never gave him any problems, and in fact, was recommended as the best thing ever in the whole wide world and he loves making out with it. 😛 (i’m allowed creative liberties!) he acted as if i were dissing his bff when i was just returning a camera.

then he took a pic and showed me that it works, as if i’d say, “oh wow! it’s fixed, thanxdude i’ll go now.” so i showed him the file errors and he tells his co-worker that when people use the canon memory card in a diff camera and put it back in the canon, it won’t work. i told him i didn’t appreciate being accused of tampering with the memory card. and he says “i’m sorry if i offended you.” um, not the right words buddy, you are obviously single! he also told me that a “low-grade” memory card could cause problems like this (the card came with the cam) or that maybe i just didn’t know how to use the camera correctly.

since he kept pushing the memory card as the problem, i asked what would happen if i got a new memory card and ran into the same problem after the return period. he suggested i purchase the extended warranty. wow, thanks!

so all that, and just his overall body language and vibe pissed me off and i totally went off on him! i became the crazy lady that you always get stuck behind in the customer service line. and then tommy kept telling me to calm down which of course pissed me off more. i swear i am usually laid back, and extremely soft spoken!

just not a fun experience and the thing is that none of this was necessary because i told him i was exchanging it for another camera which would waive the restocking fee! i don’t know why he was so “omg, why would u return this, you must be crazy.”

and he couldn’t even make exchanging it easy. i told him  i wanted “the sony cybershot with 10.1 megapixels” and kept asking for the exact style number. considering they only carry one type in the store-  did it really have to be that difficult? he had to walk over there and take it out of the locked case anyway, why not just go over and figure it out or at least talk into the headset that he kept muttering into, right?

the guy was such a jerk, i didn’t really didn’t want to get a new one from that store! and on top of all that, the sony was priced over $50 more than it was last week!

/RANT sorry, thanks for listening! back to food!

dinner was very yummy. i made “mexican lettuce wraps.” basically like thai lettuce wraps but with mexican seasoned meat (or black beans in my case), plus veggies and tortilla strips that i made to get rid of some old tortillas. same ingredients as a taco salad, but a little more fun to eat 😀

and here are the few pics i took with my old cam. i had some candy when i got back from best buy. 😛


blurry- bleh. i thought that one in front said “kill me” but tom informs me that it says “call me” which is not as interesting.

i also had a few hershey kisses. tom gets really excited when he sees holiday candy on clearance…


and here’s my new camera- it’s fuchsia! i got another sony since i seem to have good luck with them, and i’ve already had bad luck with canon’s in the past even though they make really awesome cameras, they just don’t like me 😦


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  1. February 18, 2009 10:50 pm

    awww sorry about that guy being such a jerk! I HATE that. at least you got a REALLY cute new camera now 🙂
    mexican lettuce wraps sound yummy! definitely going to have to try that! very cool idea.

  2. February 18, 2009 11:53 pm

    i swear all the single weird guys work the cameras!! that’s how i got my camera. haha i was getting a sony and he was pushing me to get this ugly canon!

  3. February 19, 2009 1:15 pm

    What is with Customer Service at Best Buy?? You are not alone in having crappy service from them.

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