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February 19, 2009

i was up much earlier than usual (before 6AM!) and felt super refreshed and super hungry- two things that i rarely feel after waking up. i was also really thirsty- i chugged three glasses of water this morning.

since i’m all outa yogurt (the horror!), i went with some cereal. in my bowl went 1/2 cup total cranberry crunch, 1 cup kashi heart to heart, a small banana, and 1 cup skim milk. why all the measurements? i decided i’d start calorie counting on extra hungry days (and i have a feeling this is one of em!). this way i know when i need to stop, but also when it’s okay to have an extra snack. i’ll post the total at the end of the day!



what is it that makes us hungrier on some days? i have about a 10 day span before *you know* when i become a food monster and i’m like enter me in a hot dog eating contest hungry.  kath posted a blurb on it from shape mag last night, so i know i’m not the only one.  how do you deal with crazy pms hunger?

one of my solutions is to make a biiig plate of veggies, fruit, and something carby (crackers, pita or baguette slices) with pb, hummus, or cheese after breakfast and leave it out so i have something to munch on til dinner.

but even after a big dinner, i find myself walking over to the kitchen and grabbing random things like a handful of nuts, a handful of cereal, a piece of dried fruit,  a spoonful of pb, etc thorough out the night.  i KNOW i’m not hungry but i just like having something to munch on. so even if i eat piece by piece a slowly as i can, i still feel disgusted with my lack of self control.

oh! just thought of this- should i chew gum? i think i’ll do it the biggest loser style and chew some extra sugar free gum- it’s worth a try. as annoying as their product plugs are, i guess they’re helpful…

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  1. February 19, 2009 8:14 am

    Looks delish!!

    Don’t chew gum – it causes bloating.

  2. February 19, 2009 8:19 am

    I think having a big plate of veggies is a good idea. They’re really low cal and so healthy for you. Also keeping something you can sip on is a good way to keep your mouth occupied. If you want it to be non-caloric, try making yourself a cup of tea and taking sips of that every time you want to munch. Often I think its just the sensation of wanting something to keep our mouth busy rather than true hunger.

  3. February 19, 2009 10:06 am

    I definitely think there is a hormonal connection, but I try not to let that be an excuse to eat more than usual because despite wanting more I usually don’t need more. I think recognizing it is the #1 important thing!

  4. February 19, 2009 1:30 pm

    Meat. I eat lots of meat during this hongry hongry hippo week.

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