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hopped up

March 12, 2009

this morning’s lovely smoothie had banana, frozen peach and strawberry, 1/2 packet vanilla carnation instant breakfast, and soy milk. the cib packets always make these drinks taste like milk shakes.


i just had a small bowl of steamed korean rice cakes drizzled with honey (which fell to the bottom). i’m telling you…comfort in a bowl. i need to find these made from brown rice. it’s so much harder to find healthy korean food options in boston. in california, you can find whole grain options and organic foods in korean restaurants and grocery stores…but not so much here.


that’s a little light for lunch but for now it’s all i really want…well, that’s not true. i’m craving a hot and spicy bowl of tom yum soup…mmm…the best natural decongestant out there!

i’ll have to wait til tom gets home from work though because i am hopped up on nighttime cold meds right now :D. for the most part, i don’t like to take meds but i think the only way i’m going to get completely over this is to give up on work and get some sleep. i’m taking it easy and spending the next two days in a cold-med induced haze in hopes that i’ll feel better in time for the weekend- it’s supposed to be a nice one! catch you later, hopefully i’ll have some yummy thai eats to share 😀

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  1. lesouefsbrouilles permalink
    March 12, 2009 1:42 pm

    oooo i never tried it with honey! i always had it fried then dipped in sugar.

  2. March 12, 2009 9:18 pm

    Oh I know what you mean about not liking to take medication. I only have taken tylenol a handful of times thus far in my lifetime. Haha, when I was younger, I was super hardcore… I never took pills when I was sick. I rather just “suck it up” hahaha, lame, I know.

    And CIB? Oooohh, I have a chocolate package for free, but never got around to making it yet. It still sits in the pantry! LOL

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