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more groceries + product reviews

April 25, 2009

i went to bed dreaming up porridge creations but woke up craving yogurt. it’s just too nice outside to be standing over a stove so early! i made a quick run over to roche bro’s to pick up some yogurt and ingredients for dinner….and of course some other goodies because i suck at sticking to my grocery list!

i’m most excited about these buys:

  • odwalla bars were on sale for a $1 so i picked up a few to sample 🙂
  • baguette co multigrain ciabatta seemed perfect for making pressed picnic sandwiches to take along on road trips and to the beach this summer, so i grabbed one to try out 😀
  • cabot greek style yogurt is 79 cents! they don’t carry my fave choc raspberry flavor, but i picked up other ones to try- yay!


roche bros is really starting to grow on me. i used to wonder why people shopped there cus unless things are on sale, everything is really expensive compared to the bigger chains. they have those old school carts that flip down which i still can’t figure out how to use…and everyone who works there is senior citizen status which is really cute but awk when they’re carrying out your two bags to the car for you. i don’t mind the slow thing…but i just feel bad having someone in their 70’s carrying my stuff for me. but they insist on it and you’re not even allowed to tip them!

still, roche bros has a nice selection of local produce. they carry a lot of unique and local products (like those falafel chips!), and i’ve been eyeing all the cool blog foods like zoe’s granola and naturally nutty on the shelves lately. oh, and the salad bar is 4.99/lb 🙂

but here’s my main reason for returning lately, they’re the only place i can find hannah’s the hommus factory brand hummus. i can’t figure out which one is the actual brand name. but if you ever see this tub. pick it up…it makes you go- sabra who? roasted red pepper what? best plain/classic hummus i’ve tried! it’s so creamy, and the flavor is jussst right! plus, how can you not want to support this guy?


ah, i got so excited about my groceries, i never shared my breakfast:


cabot strawberry greek yogurt with sliced banana, almond slivers and chocolate chips.

the strawberry flavor was not anywhere near as exciting as the chocolate raspberry. it tastes just like strawberry yoplait…maybe a tiny bit less sweeter, but no tart-y greek taste. it probably compares in sugar content and nutritionals to yoplait too…just with more protein. cabot is still thicker than regular yogurt but nowhere near the consistency of other greek yogurts like chobani or oikos. i ain’t gonna lie though- strawberry yoplait used to be the only yogurt i’d eat as a kid, so i enjoyed this one. i think their price perfectly reflects where they fit in my little yogurt hierarchy- a little more than regular yogurts, but almost half that of other greek yogurts.



this post took me so long to write, i had to have a snackie in between…i think you can figure this one out:


now i’m going to sit outside and attempt to plant/make/assemble/what’s the right word? this herb pot thingie that tommy got me.


i think if i can get them to sprout, i’ll be able to keep ’em alive so i’m feeling hopeful. 🙂

enjoy your weekend!

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  1. April 25, 2009 8:06 pm

    sue, i just did a double-take when you mentioned roche bros! how did i not notice that you’re in MA earlier?? that’s where i’m from 🙂 where do you live? (not trying to stalk you or anything …)

    roche bros seems to have really come a long way with their selection. awesome grocery loot!

    • April 26, 2009 2:36 pm

      yup! i’m in MA, i live in Natick 🙂

  2. April 25, 2009 10:06 pm

    Oh wow, I totally love your delicious grocery haul!
    And that is so cool with the herb kit!

  3. April 26, 2009 2:35 am

    Ok how cute is that that you have little old men and ladies taking your groceries out for you? I would feel bad too.. but thats a pretty cool old school concept! That yogurt sounds pretty awesome!

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