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April 29, 2009

i had a handful of pretzels while i was out to tide me until i could get home and eat lunch…


tom ordered pizza! i have plenty of other things i could have eaten…but it’s pizza! it’s pretty impossible for me to stop at one slice so i promised myself that i could have a second only if i had room after i finished my salad. i ate my first slice, ate the salad…and felt full…it worked. yay.


lunch was eaten late and not too long ago but i smell food and want to eat again! we have all our windows open and ti can smell grilling going on outdoors…what torture. i can’t stop thinking about burgers!

i already had a “splurge” today, so i’ll have to wait another day for my own burger. i’m hoping i can convince tommy to grill.

here’s the community garden i was talking about earlier this morning…


and me in front of our plot…i can’t believe i’m looking forward to pulling weeds. 😀


i picked up two more seed packets at wal-mart today…tom picked the peas and i chose squash.


don’t you love the “pots”? i’m trying to be economical, since they’ll be transferred eventually– hopefully. i feel like i’m in grade school all over again waiting for my lima bean to grow out of a paper cup!

alright, this smell is getting to me. i think i just need to get started on my own dinner…i’ll see you again tonight!

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  1. April 29, 2009 8:04 pm

    That community garden looks wonderful! What a neat idea.

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