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brunch @ masa

May 31, 2009

hi bloggies! happy weekend 🙂 i got my margarita in, so i’d have to say mine is going pretty well. before i get to that, i need to rewind to last night and share my yummy dinner.

i had a yogurt as an afternoon snack as planned.


for dinner, we had bbq pulled chicken made in the slow cooker with steamed corn. i also had a bite of a steamed potato and some cucumber slices.


okay! and now back to today! tommy and i ventured out to boston to meet up with nay for brunch. i’ve been craving a margarita since forever, so i chose masa which is a southwestern/ tex-mex restaurant located in the south end.

i started off by ordering a masarita (tequila, triple sec, apple juice, fresh squeezed orange and lime). honestly, that doesn’t even sound good. i don’t know why i ordered it. well, that’s a lie, i know why. i like ordering “signature” cocktails- cus i’m a dork like that.


this tasted like water and tequila! brutal. nay’s bloody mary is pictured in the back.

i had about a bazillion pieces of cornbread (first meal of the day, and it was 3PM, we were all starving!)…it came with the yummiest jams: apricot habanero and cranberry chipotle.


i decided to order two items off their tapas menu, instead of an entree. can you guess what i got?


okay, i wont really make you guess! i got the granola con yogurt (instead of leche) and fruit, plus the caramelized plantain empanada with mexican cinnamon cream cheese.

here’s everything minus the yogurt:


mmm…the empanada was a real treat. look how teeny tiny it is though. that made me sad.


the plain yogurt was…well…yogurt. and the fruit wasn’t very tropical…but this granola was so freaking good. crunchy with lots of nuts and big oat clusters.


i needed more substance to counter my tequila water, so i also had plenty of bites off tommy’s plate…he got creamy eggs scrambled with chorizo and farmers cheese.


and nay ordered eggs benedict…


isn’t brunch the best meal ever? i love any reason to drink with breakfast. haha 🙂

my masarita and i convinced the boys that it was very necessary to walk over to flour bakery to try out their cookies.



the boys got choco chip cookies and i got a “chunky lola” cookie which had pecans, chocolate, coconut and oats. i had a bite of tom’s cookie and saved mine for later. i have a feeling flour is going to turn into an addiction….everythings been perfect so far.

i’ve already told you guys many times how much i love the south end. it’s just so cute…it’s kind of a walk to get to because the subway doesn’t run through it, but in the summer, i just love walking through the neighborhood.




pretty, right?

we walked (or i walked) back to the subway in a masarita induced haze and decided to catch a movie (up= so cute! loved it!). i broke into my yummy cookie in the theater. i had about half of this beauty:


mmm…big bakery cookies are the best! we headed back to the ‘burbs after the movie and got some shopping done, then got home around 9PM. i had some pineapple and i’m feeling a bit hungry now…but i think i’m going to let sleep win out tonight!

enjoy the rest of your weekend! we’re headed to a baby shower/ cookout tomorrow- i’m really excited for burgers and cake!

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  1. May 31, 2009 8:12 am

    If you’re a dork, then I’m a dork too because I love the ‘tinis too! Looks like a great meal and oh boy that cookie looked delish. It wouldn’t have lasted long around me. Have a good Sunday!

  2. Anne permalink
    May 31, 2009 8:23 am

    Hi Sue,
    I’m addicted to Masa’s brunch too! You have to try the huevos rancheros – amazing!

    Back Bay T stop on the orange line is best way to get to the South End – if you’re going to Flour (equally amazing) – you can take the silver line (aka the bus) that runs right down Washington.

    Next, you need to try the South End Buttery – their cupcakes and breakfasts are to die for!

    • May 31, 2009 9:59 am

      hi anne! the buttery is on my list to try for brunch! i’ll be sure to get a cupcake too, thanks for the tip!

  3. lesouefsbrouilles permalink
    May 31, 2009 11:45 am

    ooo brunch looks awesome!


  1. sunday brunch @ the friendly toast «

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