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oh my sticky buns!

June 4, 2009

mornin’ ladies 🙂 yesterday was a much better work day, but i’m glad i’m not doing it again today!

i got to work at 7AM yesterday, and didn’t have time for breakfast again! around 9AM i couldn’t take the hunger and i snuck bites of a melba toast that i had leftover from the previous day’s lunch. i had to let it dissolve in my mouth a bit cus it was so crunchy and i didn’t want the guy i was working next to think i was a fat-ass who couldn’t wait til break. when i finally did take a break, i had an orange and some coffee (sorry about the phone pics again).


i was really excited for lunch since my roasted veggie sandwich was so yummy the day before. but the options weren’t quite as exciting on the second day. my choices were tuna, black forest ham, and grilled pesto chicken.

i chose:


it came with:


there are two types of chocolate chip cookies in there…and NO brownies. sad again 😦 haha

i ate half the wrap, the pear, and two chips ahoy cookies. what were your favorite packaged cookies as a kid? mine were the keebler fudge striped ones. yum.


i also downed 2 more cups of coffee which made it very difficult for me to sit still for the rest of the day! i chatted with the other interpreters for the remainder of the day, and it went by quick enough.

after i got off work, i decided to go on a little stroll around the waterfront.


okay, that was a lie. i just happened to pass some water on my walk to…

flour bakery! YAY!!!



yum yum yum! i told you i was planning on a treat 🙂

there wasn’t a huge selection left since it was almost closing time….BUT i was greeted with the news that four sticky buns had just become available! flour is well known for the sticky buns, and people call ahead to reserve them since they sell out so quickly. i guess someone didn’t pick up their order…

i got a sticky bun, granola bar, raspberry bar, and of course a brownie! i also picked up a loaf of day old bread which came with a orange marmalade stuffed brioche thing. holy carbs, right? i was so tired and hungry, i couldn’t help myself! (i’m also already planning a trip back cus my new friend shared a bite of her meringue with me, and it was so good that i really wanted to turn back and get one for myself!)

when i got back home at 7:30, i finished the second half of my wrap…


and then i dove into this glorious sticky bun!!!



of course i shared a bite with tom, but he doesn’t like nuts…so i got to finish the rest. it was perfection!

i then followed tom around while he ran some errands…and we ended up at target where i bought the cutest swimsuit. in the fitting room, i was thinking, i can’t believe i’m trying on swimsuits after eating a ginormous sticky bun! oh well…haha, i love my new suit…i think monokinis can look a bit trashy sometimes, but this one is so sailor-y and fun, i had to get it!

i wish i could go test it out by the pool, but i have to get some of my “real” work done today 😦 boo! at least i get to set my own hours 🙂 speaking of which, i really should get started! see ya’ll again tonight! happy thursday!

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  1. June 4, 2009 3:54 pm

    What a sticky bun!
    I think my favorite cookies were these ones made by Keebler (?) that stayed soft.

  2. June 5, 2009 6:48 am

    That sticky bun looks totally mouth-watering. I’m glad you treated yourself!

  3. Katharina permalink
    June 5, 2009 3:45 pm

    I wish I could remember if I had any favorite packaged cookies… I don’t think I did. I was a weird kid that would always munch on lettuce and carrots with ranch. Those were seriously my favorite foods when I was like 7.

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