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August 20, 2009

hey there! my goal is to be asleep before 2AM, so i better make this quick so i can get ready for bed.

so…i was a hunger monster today. i tried extra hard to keep everything (mostly) healthy, and i think i did pretty well. my cycle lately has been give into all my cravings during that “time of the month,” gain a few pounds, and then spend the rest of the month losing it….and then start over again. i’m determined to not let that happen this month…i’ve spent too much time in the damn gym to let these cravings derail me! no sir, mister ice cream, you will not be my downfall this time!

anyway…on to the food. for breakfast, i had nature’s path raisin bran, nf plain yogurt, and a sliced banana.


and for lunch, i had a veggie pita sandwich with provolone, sprouts, cucumber and avocado. i’m in love with alfalfa sprouts.


after an hour or two, i started feeling snacky. i had a couple peanut buttah puffins…but i really needed some chocolate in my life, so i switched to these trader joe’s chocolate chip cookies and they were perfect-o, and then i got myself out of the kitchen pronto so i wouldn’t reach for more.


i had another miserable work out at the gym today. my body felt like lead- not fun…but i stayed put on the elliptical and felt accomplished when the torture was over. i even did a little strength training. i’ve been so lazy after working out that my dinners have been straight up pathetic lately, but today i wanted/needed/deserved something good!

i cooked fish again, this time i coated it in a little flour, sprinkled some spices (paprika, cumin, and tumeric), and pan fried it. i had also had an everything but the lettuce salad of cucumber, avocado, and baby romas tossed with some spicy salsa.


and for dessert, i ate a ridiculous amount of frozen pineapple. i haven’t seen frozen mango at trader joe’s in so long…do they not make that anymore? 😦


well that’s it for today! i decided i’m not weighing myself until saturday…hopefully i’ll be back to 125! i have 11 more days to get to my goal of 124…i really want to get there!

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  1. lesouefsbrouilles permalink
    August 20, 2009 11:03 am

    frozen pineapple? sounds delish

  2. August 20, 2009 2:36 pm

    I hate those bottomless pit days. It’s even worse when you conversely have no energy to work out – you’d think extra food would give extra energy, but no.
    I feel your pain.
    Good luck!

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