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a cook out & cape cod chips

August 25, 2009

so this weekend tommy and i drove out to connecticut to attend a birthday potluck/cook out.

i had a plummie on the drive there…


and arrived a hungry hungry hippo!

luckily, there was lots of food ready to chow down on…this was a veggie friendly cook out so there were lots of salads, and grilled seafood!

i helped myself to a garden salad, broccoli salad, grilled veggies, and grilled local trout. trout is my favorite fish- especially when it’s fresh caught- yummy!


i was so excited to eat, i almost forgot to snap a pic- this is a half eaten plate!

for dessert, i ate the pineapple and cherry off of a pineapple upside down cake…


i gave tom the cake part in order to save room for several pieces of this yummy zucchini bread.


in addition to the eating, i kicked some ass in bocce ball and played with this puppy.


his name is mousse, isn’t he pretty?



after all the fun, we dropped by to say hello to tommy’s parents and hung out in his hometown a bit. we also stopped by d’angelo to grab dinner. i got a greek salad…i asked for dressing on the side…but apparently that fell on deaf ears 😩


when it comes to greek salads…i prefer lots of feta and just a little dressing. oh well…i had the salad with half of the pita shown.

sunday was filled with lots and lots of shopping. we went to a gazillion stores in a few different towns looking for these ugly shoes that tom wanted. i started my morning off with some fruit and yogurt topped with toasted coconut.


tom and i drove around all afternoon. he was on a mission and there was no time for lunch so we snacked on these cape cod potato chips that i was sent to sample.


potato chips are definitely my guilty pleasure. i just love them, especially if they’re the extra crunchy kettle cooked kind, so i could not resist when i was offered some samples.

i wasn’t expecting to be sent nine bags of cape cod potato chips and popcorn!


holy cow!

i tend to eat sweet snacks more than salty snacks- but that’s only because i can (usually) eat sweets in moderation (too much gives me a headache!) but when it comes to salty or crispy snacks- well i just have trouble stopping at one portion, so i try to avoid keeping them around. well…talk about a cabinet full of temptation! i know i can enjoy these chips in moderation though, i’ve done it before, guilt-free during vani’s forbidden food challenge, and i’ll do it again! 🙂

it also helps that i live with another cape cod lover who will no doubt help me munch my way through all those bags.



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  1. August 26, 2009 5:02 pm

    Chips are definately my cryptonite. I’ll by the baked ones, cuz reality is I’m going to eat the whole bag. Better 600 calories than 1200!

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