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split pea soup & burgers

August 27, 2009

2 more days until i’m on vacay!!!

i’m still working on cleaning out the fridge…today i started with an open container of emeril’s all natural chicken stock (thank you foodbuzz!) and decided to make split pea soup.


it turned out to be a split pea lentil soup (i originally mistook the bag of lentils for split peas!) which was just as good. i didn’t measure anything but into my slow cooker went: rough chopped onion, carrots, and celery…2/3 box of chicken stock (what i had left), dried lentils, split peas, and a dash of whatever spices i thought went well together (s&p, cumin, coriander, tumeric, paprika, etc).


after 5 hours on low…i was greeted with some yummy split pea and lentil soup stew. not the prettiest thing to eat, but still plenty delicious 🙂


there’s no way i can finish all that soup in the next couple days so i put some of it in the freezer…when i reheat it, i’ll add more liquid and puree so it’s more like actual split pea soup…

i also reserved some of the soup to make split pea burgers! i’ve made these before, and for the past four months tommy has been asking me to make them again. i figured the split pea mixture i had slow cooked was close enough to the first few steps of alton brown’s recipe, so to the soup, i added cooked brown rice, sauteed onions and mushrooms, and whole wheat bread crumbs. just form the mixture into patties (tommy’s get coated in bread crumbs), brown on a nonstick pan, and they’re ready to gobble up!

here’s a little patty i made to taste-test…


so good! i like to make a whole bunch of patties, brown them all on the stove top, and then freeze…they keep their shape and heat up well in the toaster oven. as for the taste- i think they taste a lot like korokkae filling. but if you’ve never had a korokkae, i’d say they are also pretty similar to dr.praegar’s veggie burgers as well. one bag of split peas will make a TON of burgers for very little ca$h…so if you’re fan of the “mushy-type” frozen veggie burgers, i definitely recommend giving this recipe a try!

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