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blogging from terminal c

August 30, 2009

greetings from logan airport!

i’m waiting for my jet blue flight…it’s icky outside but it looks like the flights are all good to go!


hope i didn’t just jinx myself šŸ˜›

so i spent another several hours trying to pick outfits to pack…in the end, i gave up and crammed half my wardrobe into our suitcases– i’m only kidding but i definitely over packed!

this morning i had an iced chai latte with extra milk in order to finish off the carton…


after i finished packing, i went to the mall. all i needed was foundation, but i can never leave the mac counter with just one thing! and a trip to the mall is not complete without a sample of the chai tea at teavana…


when i got back home, it was GO-GO-GO. i did the dishes, vacuumed, finished packing, and made it to the commuter rail just in time! the walk to the train station was NOT fun…i have my fingers crossed that it won’t be raining in florida…but i’m not feeling that optimistic about it. at least it’ll be warm rain, right?




packed a sandwich for the train:


with raisins!

and chugged my water and ate a banana before entering security at the airport…but in hindsight i should have eaten my yogurt- i threw it away cus i was too full to eat it and i wanted to wait near the gate.


well, time to click save now- no free wifi at logan šŸ˜¦ i’m trying ecto out for the first time today, so hopefully this will work out!

see you guys in florida!

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  1. August 30, 2009 10:57 am

    haha, I just don’t see how people can window shop. I can’t leave the mall without buying something! Have a safe trip to Florida and take lots of pics. I love that state!

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