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cruise recap day one: casual dinner

September 7, 2009

by 8:30PM tommy and i were hungry monsters and dinner at vincent’s couldn’t come soon enough. the two dining rooms on the monarch of the seas are named vincent’s and claude’s after the artists…

i decided to wear my tightest dress on the first night of the cruise so i wouldn’t have to worry about fitting into it later- let’s just say this was a good call!


our waiter was carlos from costa rica, and i can’t remember the name of our assistant waiter but he was from jamaica and he was super nice, mon 😉 our cruise was one of the last for carlos before he leaves for the maiden voyage of the oasis which is a super fancy pants new ship in the royal caribbean fleet…we decided he must be very good at his job to be sent to the oasis- and he was.

tom and i got a bottle of riesling to enjoy (they re-cork if you don’t finish it)

and i got the chilled raspberry and pineapple soup to start.


it was refreshing and tasted like melted sorbet- which is a good thing 😀


i didn’t see anything i liked on the night’s featured menu (too heavy/carby- not what i was in the mood for) but the dining room also has a regular menu that features a few “standard” dishes including salmon, steak, and pasta.

i got the poached salmon which was very good. my favorite part were the veggies though- including the bok choy which the salmon is sitting on top of.


between our courses, carlos entertained us with some tricks and brain teasers.

we had to get this can out of the cup without touching it (or using props).


and try to replicate the paper on the left… (mine is on the right- i messed up- but eventually got it- yay!)


my tablemates probably thought i was crazy for taking pics of everything at this point 🙂

for dessert, i chose the banana and crunchy nut parfait..creamy frozen banana custard in layers of luscious whipped cream finished with caramel fudge sauce, almonds and macadamia nuts.

i wasn’t expecting it to come in pie form…but this was sooo freaking yummy! DO order this if you get the chance.


i tried to leave a bite or two behind on every plate at the dining room since i usually don’t eat three course meals but this was one of the plates that i scraped clean 🙂

i also had a very necessary cappuccino with dessert so i wouldn’t pass out from food coma.


it was just what i needed to fuel me through a night of dancing (in the streets!) with our cruise director jimmy rhodes 🙂


DSC07331.JPG DSC07330.JPG

i think tom is doing the carlton…haha and i can’t believe this is the best picture i have of the half nekkid dancing indian:


i’ve failed you girls! haha


the 70’s dance party was hilarious and fun. i don’t know how we had any steam left afterwards but we went to check out the night club and danced a bit more before finally going to bed. our first day of cruising did not disappoint!

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  1. September 7, 2009 9:22 pm

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your red bow purse!!

    Haha fun party 😀

  2. September 7, 2009 11:51 pm

    sounds like a super night! you look SO cute and pretty in your whit dress and purse! 😀

    And haha, that is one big-ass bok choy…or is it a tiny salmon?

  3. September 26, 2009 11:04 pm

    ahhh looks like so much fun! Your outfit is so cute 😉

    That pie looks delish!

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