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cruise recap day three: nassau, bahamas

September 9, 2009

on the third day of our cruise, i hit the gym for an early morning workout before tommy and i had to meet our excursion group. i felt so sore when i woke up…i think it was a combination of my sunburnt skin, and all the paddling and weird contortions i had to do on the floating mat to avoid jellyfish. i managed to do a short workout on the elliptical and some arm exercises which stretched and loosened my muscles a little…it was fun working out with a view of atlantis!


to cool down i took a walk around the track and admired the nassau port.


tom and i had breakfast in the main dining room (where we eat dinner)….which basically just serves the same food as the buffet but plated and with waiter service. we sat next to a nice elderly couple from florida who coincidentally used to live in the same massachusetts town we do before they moved down south. small world, eh?

i didn’t snap a pic of breakfast, but i ate fruit, yogurt and granola- pretty similar to the previous day.

back in our stateroom, i showered and got ready for our day in the bahamas and then we got off the ship and met our group for the atlantis aquaventure excursion. the excursion tickets cost almost as much as our whole cruise but it was the one thing tommy really wanted to do. we may just have decided on the cruise because it was the cheapest way to visit atlantis. the aquaventure tickets include a ferry to and from paradise island, a lunch voucher, full access to all of atlantis’ facilities including water park, pools, private beaches, casino, aquarium, and “the dig.”

once on the dock, we met our group and rode a ferry over to atlantis. our tour guide pointed out “notable” landmarks including nic cage’s home and the hospital where anna nicole smith’s daughter was born.


she also gave us a quick tour of atlantis before dropping us off at the aquaventure water park.




after we got our lockers and sunscreened up…this happened:



please feel free to make fun of tom’s tan!

the dark clouds were quickly approaching, and they closed all the pools and slides- tommy was so mad- if he was turning the other way in this pic, he is probably making the biggest grump face ever. i reassured him that the rest of the sky was blue and this cloud would pass eventually and we’d still have hours and hours to play at the water park- i felt like a mom!

to get his mind off the rain clouds, we went inside to explore “the dig” and aquarium. the dig is basically an area with “artifacts” from atlantis. it was part aquarium and part random props that looked like they were taken from a disney studio.


bloop bloop

to be continued…

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  1. September 9, 2009 9:14 pm

    wow that cruise looks amazing. i have GOT TO GO one day soon. haha i won’t make fun of his tan i’ll just point and laugh 😉 great blog!

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