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cruise recap day three: atlantis aquaventure

September 17, 2009

aquaventure at atlantis was tons-o-fun.


i was worried the tickets would be a total waste of money because i’m scared of everything and cat and thought i’d freak out on the water slides. that actually did happen, but i did find a few rides i could tolerate and the rest of the time i hung out on the lazy river. okay, i even ended up really loving the serpent slide!

the serpent slide starts at the top of the mayan temple…


and after winding down a dark winding tunnel, the ride ends with a leisurely float through a shark tank!


that’s right! sharrrks!



how friggin’ cool is that?

in addition to the waterpark and pools, we had access to private beaches. the beaches were absolutely gorgeous and my favorite part of the whole day. it was sooo nice just relaxing and floating in the (jellyfish-less) clear blue ocean. it was just perfectly blissful! unfortunately, i don’t have pictures from the beach cus i kept my camera in the locker for most of the day.



just for fun, here’s a video of tommy going down the leap of faith– it’s a nearly vertical drop from the top of the mayan temple- that is insane! being completely afraid of heights and not cuh-razy, i refused to go on it!

the food at atlantis was the only disappointing part of the excursion. we received lunch vouchers with our aquaventure tickets and i really wanted to try conch. unfortunately, that stand was closed so i ended up with a hamburger instead. the food stands also had salads, veggies, and fruit but they were crazy expensive so i just stuck to the voucher options.

i also had half a cherry cashew pure bar in the late afternoon. i think i prefer the cherry pie larabar to this pure bar flavor since my favorite part of the cherry flavor is the tart-ness and the pure bar was a bit more sweet.




btw! have you guys seen the “my wife and kids” episode where the whole familia goes to atlantis? and junior “tries new things” and eats conch…and the girl gets wasted off bahama mamas? please tell me you know what i’m talking about cus it’s embarrassing how many times i’ve watched that episode! it’s always on and for some reason i never change the channel. ha! i have a feeling anyone (as in most people) with cable have never even watched my wife and kids. don’t worry, you’re not missing out 🙂

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  1. dreampassages permalink
    September 17, 2009 11:04 am

    hiya! nice pics. looks like a lot of fun.

  2. September 22, 2009 1:36 pm

    loving all the pics!! 🙂 you look like youre having such an amazing time, totally jealous! haha

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