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goodbye summer

September 22, 2009

hola amigas! i’m back…and not too happy about it. i’m totally devastated that summer is over and i’m no longer on vacation…i’m already planning my next one!

although a week wasn’t nearly enough time to spend in cali with my family, i was really happy to get started on our cross country road trip. we stopped by a few big cities this time around which made it a bit different from our last road trip. it felt like we never had enough time to see everything each city offered and i was sad to leave each one! i hope i get a chance to go back to denver one day- and i will most definitely be returning to chicago and toronto. i especially loved toronto- never would have expected such a cool place existed in canada 😛

well, i hope you’re enjoying the cruise recaps- i’ll be done with those soon, and want to get started on the road trip recaps while it’s still fresh in my mind.  i’m sorry i haven’t been commenting on any blogs- my reader is still at about 300- so i still have some catching up to do 🙂 thanks to those of you who have commented and followed along while i was away!


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