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cruise recap day five: orlando to boston

September 29, 2009

we were already docked at port canaveral when we woke up on the last day of the cruise….and this is pretty much what my face looked liked for the majority of the day:


*pout pout* i didn’t want to leave!

i snacked on this box of mini wheats throughout the morning…

i also had a small plate from the breakfast buffet with fruit, cottage cheese and corned beef hash- i love that stuff, but man, this plate looks gross.


after breakfast, we went into our assigned area to wait to be called to debark the ship. our group was the last to be called…and it was a pretty easy process going thru customs and after picking up our luggage we got on a shuttle bus to the orlando airport.

still sad facing:


we booked a later flight because i didn’t want to have to rush through the airport so we had a few hours to kill. luckily the orlando airport was pretty entertaining: lots of shops and free wifi!

for lunch, i turned to my stash of food and had some oatmeal (thanks starbucks for the water + cup), a kashi tlc bar, and some almonds.


we killed time by souvenir shopping and taking pics…y’all know how much i like taking pics. haha 🙂

trying to be cool at the harley store:


and of course lots of disney! we’re in orlando after all 😀




so fun! i wanna go to disney world- i’ve never been 😦

for dinner i bought a turkey sandwich from au bon pain to eat on the plane with my bloody mary mix and potato chips (gave tom the cookies). just remembered they messed up on the whole wheat baguette- dontcha hate that?




i caught up on zzz’s in the air…and soon enough we were back in boston.


what a fun vacation…and it was only the beginning! next up: cross country road trip! thanks for following along guys 😀

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  1. September 29, 2009 5:53 pm

    SUCH a fabulous time!

  2. September 29, 2009 10:19 pm

    I would be sad to leave too. Your cruise looks so awesome. I can’t wait till I go on one next year.

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