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party in the usa: home sweet home

October 9, 2009

happy friday! finally, the weekend is here…and you’ve also made it to the last road trip recap. 🙂

it was a fun week…here’s what our final itinerary looked like:

  • day one: LA to SF
  • day two: SF to RENO
  • day three: RENO to SLC
  • day four: SLC to DENVER
  • day five: DENVER to LINCOLN
  • day six: LINCOLN to CHICAGO
  • day seven: CHICAGO to TORONTO
  • day eight: TORONTO to ROCHESTER
  • day nine: ARRIVE HOME!

after exploring toronto, and eating lunch at nirvana, i checked out more of kensington market before my parking expired. i’m so glad that i parked the car for the day and explored toronto on foot. i got a better feel of the different neighborhoods and got to see things i’d normally miss had i been zooming by in a car. i didn’t even mind getting lost because there was always something fun to see around every corner. 🙂

although i was SO not ready to leave canada, i had another long evening of driving ahead :(. there was just one more stop i had to make before i left though…

a chocolate stop! canadian chocolate to be exact 🙂

kinder surprise chocolate eggs


_DSC09398 _DSC09399

and a pack of nestle candies that i enjoyed during the rest of the drive.





yum 🙂 i’m still sad that i didn’t get to try  pickle flavored potato chips!

after the very necessary candy stop, i drove straight to the new york border. it was already late but i wanted to stop in the canadian side of niagara falls since i’ve only seen the american side before. unfortunately, the parking was sooo expensive- especially considering it’s free on the other side of the border 😛 oh well…hopefully, i can make a weekend trip out there next year because i’ve always wanted to see the canadian falls.

to be fair, the american falls aren’t so bad either:


view of canada from new york:


after i crossed over into the US, i drove as far as i could before exhaustion set in. i tried to “rough it” and sleep at a rest stop but that didn’t work out, so a rochester motel it was!

the next day began our final leg of the road trip: 6 hours from rochester, ny to boston, mass.

i was eager to get home! the only stops were starbucks (necessary!) and a rest stop lunch.



it felt nice to sleep in my own bed again! though i’ve been home for a few weeks…i still miss being on vacation! before leaving for the road trip, i spent a week in california. i have so many yummy meals to share from that week…but i’m eager to get back to “regular” f-logging…so i think i will do some recaps this weekend and then start blogging my daily meals starting from monday and mix in some cali posts in between.

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  1. October 9, 2009 10:37 pm

    Vacations are so much fun but falling down in your own comfy bed is so nice. You road trip adventures were so fun to read about. I need to do a long road trip soon.

  2. October 11, 2009 3:13 pm

    Wait… you don’t have pickle flavoured chips?? I’ll send you some, if you want! I’ll even send you BAKED chips!!

  3. Katharina permalink
    October 11, 2009 9:58 pm

    OMG!! The Kinder Schokoladen!! I miss those so much. Germany really does have the best chocolate.

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