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fair vs. fair: LA county

October 10, 2009

happy saturday! while i was visiting mis padres last month, i went to the LA county fair with my lil’ sis and her friends. it was a good time and the food was ridiculous– i’m sure i gained ten pounds just by walking onto the fair grounds.

there are a bazillion pics ahead, so i’ll try to keep the writing to a minimum. no promises though 😛


the rides:


view from the ferris wheel. my sister took this…i kept my eyes closed the whole time. 😛


__crazycoaster __LA County Fair

_DSC08545 _LA FAIR

_fair ride


what’s your favorite fair ride?

i’m gonna have to go with the bumper cars since i’m scared of heights…and pretty much everything else. i’m easily pressured into going on rides though…i went on a viking-ship-ish ride and freaked out so badly that a group of people gathered on the ground to point and laugh at me…it was so embarrassing 😦

fair food:

the highlight of the LA county fair is the definitely the food. the food area is HUGE with a million and a half vendors selling all types of ethnic foods, and everything you could possibly think to fry or dip in chocolate.

some interesting deep fried foods included white castle burgers, avocados, apples, and of course every candy bar ever made.

i’ve had deep fried oreos in the past and wasn’t a fan but my sister really enjoyed her deep fried s’more. what’s the craziest deep fried thing you’ve tried?

_lacDSC08568 __deepfriedsmoreDSC08569


as if all that fried stuff wasn’t enough, this stand was also home to the chicken sandwich with krispy kreme bun. my sis tried to get this w/o the raspberry sauce but they told her it was a raspberry filled donut and she changed her mind. call me crazy, but it kinda sounds good…better than a krispy kreme hamburger at least.


all her friends swore by the zucchini weenie…i wasn’t in the mood for a weenie though 😉


some things were not meant to be chocolate dipped! i mean, chocolate covered pickles, cheetos, and corn on the cob? that’s just too weird for me!



corn with lime & chili pepper = much better!


more vendors:


pink’s hot dogs!


__DSC08507 _la fair DSC08504


_DSC08561 _DSC08565

there was so much food! this isn’t even half of it…what would you have eaten (if anything at all)?

here’s what i ate:

chile rellenos. though grilled caesar salad sounds intriguing…has anyone ever had it?

__DSC08512 _lac5

build your own cupcake: i chose key lime cake + vanilla frosting + graham cracker crumbs. i had to exercise serious restraint not to go back for red velvet + cream cheese frosting + sprinkles.


let them eat cupcakes!

_DSC08526 _DSC08527

i tried to avoid the fried stuff, but in the end, a fair is just not a fair without churros! i got a bag of churros to share with the kiddos. doesn’t the mexican funnel cake look good too? and i heard the apple fries taste like apple pie filling…


these were hot & fresh…so good!

__churrosDSC08575 __DSC08576


have you visited a fair this season?

i have! i have! (obviously) i went to the LA county fair last month, and also went to the BIG E in western mass a couple weeks ago…i’ll post pics from that in the next post thus the fair vs. fair title.

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  1. October 10, 2009 9:39 am

    I can’t wait to attend the fair on Monday, that corn dog looks so good. interesting too. Oprah is going to be at the fair here in Texas.

  2. October 10, 2009 9:50 am

    What a fun fair!

  3. lesouefsbrouilles permalink
    October 10, 2009 1:18 pm

    holy crap!! that looks fun! i would love to try a krispy kreme burger! haha

  4. October 11, 2009 3:28 pm

    Thanks for posting pics of the food vendors. Being Canadian, I hear about them all the time, but have not seen them for myself.

    Wow… no wonder America is unhealthy! They deep fry everything and dip it in chocolate!!


  1. fair vs. fair: BIG E «

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