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asian overload

October 14, 2009

i just noticed my lil’ blog was a featured link on the homepage today. how totally random, right? but nevertheless, welcome new visitors! i know some average girl’s food log is probably not what you expected to see when you clicked over from a news site…but i hope you’ll take a minute to say hello!

since i’m on an asian food kick (which is not as often as you’d think…), i thought i’d do a little more cali reminiscing and share some of the yummy asian meals i had there.

first up is the “mommy & me dim sum date.” our dim sum dates have turned into a regular thing when i visit home and i always look forward to them.

i can’t remember the name of the restaurant we went to this time around, it’s in the city of la habra and wasn’t too memorable. if you’re looking for a good dim sum restaurant in southern california- i recommend new capital seafood restaurant in rowland heights- that place is so good, they have a great selection and variety and the prices are really affordable.

this particular restaurant didn’t have much variety…my mom and i aren’t very adventurous eaters so we stick to seafood and veggies. no chicken feet or tripe for us, thanks.

our first pick was a big plate of chinese broccoli.


and then the some calamari and fried tofu from the “fried-stuff cart”




then we waited and waited for the steamer cart. but she must have been on break or something cus the only two people who came around were the fried foods and soup cart ladies.


when the steamer cart finally came around, she didn’t have what we were looking for so we had to order it from the kitchen


can anyone tell me what these are called? this is my favorite dim sum dish, but i never know how to order it. it’s basically soft rice noodle sheets wrapped around shrimpies and they are the best thing ever. the sauce is kinda like a watered down sweet soy sauce. great descriptions, right? i would make such an awesome food critic 😛


we usually order a lot of plates and bring the leftovers to my dad, but this time we only ordered a couple more plates since most of their offerings were fried and we weren’t in the mood for that.

for dessert, we got this spongey glutinous rice cake…it was a really sweet version of korean “sool dduk” which is a rice cake that’s been soaked in rice wine.


another yummy asian meal i had in california was japanese curry at curry house. japanese curry is like comfort food to asian people…like mac and cheese or spaghetti…my mom would make it when there was nothing else in the fridge to make. the curry can be a bit strong, and i used to hate it when i was really young and then grew to enjoy it. i like it now but i’m not obsessed with it- and yes, there are people who are obsessed with curry house.

i don’t know if you can read that…but here’s a little snippet on japanese curry. for the better part of my life, i didn’t know other types of curries even existed!


it says 95 out of 100 japanese people polled said curry was their favorite food.


i ordered a chicken curry combo to split with my sister. it came with curry, rice, corn soup, salad and fried shrimp.


our friend ordered donkatsu (fried pork cutlet).


this stuff tastes amazing after a night of drinking 😛


oh, and for you boston readers: for the best japanese curry in boston, head to cafe mami in porter square.

and then there was PATBINGSOO! yummy korean shaved ice!


the area i grew up in is pretty much a mini asia and there are tons of these cute little asian cafes that are open late. when i was in high school, i didn’t understand why people would want to drink alcohol when you can go to a cute little cafe with your friends, drink boba and smoothies and eat cute little dessrts and share shaved ice. doesn’t that sound much more fun? i may have just been a nerd.


we got the fruit shaved ice with red bean and green tea icecream. usually the red bean comes on the shaved ice (under the fruit) but the girl was being weird and gave it to us in a bowl on the side. this is sweet red bean by the way…azuki in japanese, and “pat” in korean.


you can really throw anything onto the shaved ice…but traditionally it will always have:  ice, condensed milk, soybean powder, pat, fruit, and dduk/rice cake/mochi pieces. i love it when they sprinkle cereal on top too…like frosted flakes or fruity pebbles 🙂

__0 pat bingsooDSC08364

btw, for optimal patbingsoo enjoyment, you have to eat it with someone who shares the same eating style as you. there are some people (me) who try not to disturb the “prettiness” of it and eat it section by section. and there are people like my mom who will mix everything up into one big slushy mess as soon as it comes to the table. 🙂



the best dessert ever!

for patbingsoo in boston, i’d recommend either color or between hours pc cafe on harvard ave in allston. they’re both owned by the same people, so take your pick.

and lastly, this isn’t food related but it’s cute and asian…how cool is this arcade i went to?

__DSC08281 _arcade3


it’s tofu!







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  1. peanutbutterfingers permalink
    October 14, 2009 4:49 pm

    i wish there was a restaurant like that in orlando!!! i don’t know what looked the most delicious: the clams, the cake, or the fruity bowl of amazingness. drooling…

  2. October 14, 2009 10:02 pm

    I adore the stuffed tofu toys! How freaking cute.

    Oh dim sum. So yum.

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