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dinner for two

October 18, 2009

my body had one request when i woke up this morning…”please feed me carbs!” i complied with some extra crispy toast and apricot jam.


my morning was pretty lazy…i think i spent half of it trying to get off the rest of last night’s eye makeup.

for lunch, i had a “crack wrap”…it’s been a while since i’ve had one and it was just as good as i remember!


melted cheese, creamy hummus and wilted spinach…. what’s not to love?


i went out to run some errands in the afternoon and stopped at dunkin’ donuts. i got a skim pumpkin latte…


if you look closely, you will see that there are two things wrong with this picture:


first, there is snow on the car to the right. and second, i’m wearing a winter jacket. in the middle of october! not cool.

i cooked dinner for the first time in forever…eggplant parm! yum!


i used half of the eggplant for tonight and i made tomorrow’s dinner with the other half while the parm was in the oven. amazing how much more productive i am with a little caffeine in my system 🙂

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