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samples, samples, samples

October 28, 2009

right down the street from the ben & jerry’s factory is none other than a cabot factory store.



there were lots of samples, samples, and more samples of cabot cheese!


tika masala and buffalo wing cheddar!


they sound good in theory, but they were actually kinda weird. my favorite was the habanero– it was nice n’ spicy!


there were non-cheesy samples too…lots of dips, vino, chedda popcorn…and this yummy maple spread.


i made multiple rounds around the store 🙂 and after i had my fill of mini cheese cubes…i was ready for chocolate!

luckily, there’s a lake champlain chocolate shop right next door.



whos and boos!



we found some yummy truffles to sample. lake champlain makes some good chocolate! i was ready for lunch though so i didn’t go crazy in there…but i did buy some dark salted caramels (so amazing!!) for later and a box of truffles to send my dad. after tasting those salted caramels, let’s just say i’m not sure that the truffles will make it to my dad 😛

despite all the sampling…i was SO hungry! we drove up to stowe to look for a place to eat and decided on the shed restaurant & brewery. the brewery part is what sold me…i was in the mood for a beer!



i got the national i.p.a. which had a nice bite, and a turkey sandwich to go with it 🙂


mmm…stuffing and cranberry sauce…i can’t wait for thanksgiving!

can you guess what dessert was?

here’s a hint:


okay, i guess that’s more than a hint…the sign just gives it away. more pics to come soon!

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  1. October 28, 2009 3:15 pm

    your post is going to make me fat! 😛

  2. October 28, 2009 5:41 pm

    cabbot cheese is so worth the extra money 🙂 love it to death!

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