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grocery shop + a few good meals

November 13, 2009

hi guys. i’m having a difficult week….i’m flying home to cali tomorrow evening so i have a lot of stuff i need to finish up. i’ll update y’all tomorrow on that but for now i’m going to take the easy way out and post some food pics.

went grocery shopping yesterday…



the rest:


favorite buys: ginormous honeycrisp apples…probably the last of the season…and i finally found pomegranate chobani.


i was a bad food blogger this week…these are the only pics i took out of everything i ate:

i made my first oats in a jar.


with a mashed up banana and some chocolate chips. it was good.


pumpkin macaroni & cheese. snuck some shredded pumpkin into it…tom couldn’t guess the secret ingredient 🙂


hummus & veggie sandwiches with an apple and some miguel’s tortilla chips that i was sent to sample. these are the everything flavor which i have already purchased and enjoyed before. i will review all three flavors when i get to try to them all.


my favorite dessert of the week…edy’s pumpkin ice cream (can’t believe i’m still on my first carton!), crumbled ginger snaps and whipped cream.


hope you guys are having a great friday night! i’ll update before i leave…see you tomorrow!

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