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a year in food!

July 28, 2011

hi strangers!

i can’t believe it’s been over a year since i’ve posted on this blog. i had my reasons for stepping away from this blog, but lately i’ve been missing it. i’ve attempted a few posts trying to summarize my last year but that was too overwhelming and obviously they never got published. so instead, i thought i’d start with a little series of my favorite meals from the last year until i get back into the blogging groove. this is perfect because i never quite stopped taking food pics and now i can share them!

in my last post, i mentioned i was off to montreal so that’s where i’ll start! i spent three weeks in montreal hanging out with my dear friend nars….it was a blast! the first place she took me when i arrived was commensal, this amaaahzing pay by the pound (er…gram in canada!) vegetarian buffet. this place was like the whole foods hot bar on crack. as a new-ish vegetarian at the time, my mind was blown by all the options.

okay, now i have to apologize about the pic. i ate at commensal twice. one was when i was hungry and one was more of a snackish meal…the above is obviously the snack. and of course i can’t find the pic of my actual dinner. lo siento! imagine a pic of couscous and tofu and sweet potato and salad and other deliciousness i can’t remember. i promise to do better next time!

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