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a year in food: cereal milk soft serve

August 18, 2011

what: cereal milk softserve
when: june 2010
where: momofuku milk bar in nyc

the deets: another genius momofuku creation! this cereal milk soft serve encrusted in cornflakes is completely unique. i always imagined momofuku milk bar’s cereal milk would taste overwhemingly sweet- kind of like the milk that would be leftover from a sugary frosted kid’s cereal but instead it’s made with corn flakes and is quite salty! i mean, of course the taste is a balance of salty and sweet which is a combination i love but i was very and continually surprised by the flavor! each bite is so familiar (i mean…we’ve all had cereal milk!) but so unique. this treat is a must try…i still find myself craving it every so often.

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