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a year in food!

July 28, 2011

hi strangers!

i can’t believe it’s been over a year since i’ve posted on this blog. i had my reasons for stepping away from this blog, but lately i’ve been missing it. i’ve attempted a few posts trying to summarize my last year but that was too overwhelming and obviously they never got published. so instead, i thought i’d start with a little series of my favorite meals from the last year until i get back into the blogging groove. this is perfect because i never quite stopped taking food pics and now i can share them!

in my last post, i mentioned i was off to montreal so that’s where i’ll start! i spent three weeks in montreal hanging out with my dear friend nars….it was a blast! the first place she took me when i arrived was commensal, this amaaahzing pay by the pound (er…gram in canada!) vegetarian buffet. this place was like the whole foods hot bar on crack. as a new-ish vegetarian at the time, my mind was blown by all the options.

okay, now i have to apologize about the pic. i ate at commensal twice. one was when i was hungry and one was more of a snackish meal…the above is obviously the snack. and of course i can’t find the pic of my actual dinner. lo siento! imagine a pic of couscous and tofu and sweet potato and salad and other deliciousness i can’t remember. i promise to do better next time!


champagne and puppies

April 25, 2010

happy sunday! this is my last weekend in cali and i’m so sad  about it! thankfully, i have a few exciting trips to look forward to once i return to boston…like montreal! yup, i’ll be in canada in about two weeks!

yesterday, i drove out to pasadena bright and early to have breakfast with my dear friend lacey. true to lush form, i chose the first restaurant that came out when i plugged “breakfast, bellinis, pasadena” into yelp. really, is there anything better than starting your day with champagne?

breakfast at russell’s was okay. i had eggs and wheat toast- not terribly exciting. but not a big deal cus there were bellinis which came with mini bottles of champagne. and come on, that’s just cute!

yum 🙂

lacey and i caught up and the bubbles definitely got to our heads cus we decided we neeeeeeded to go visit the humane society right away! we wanted to visit the doggies up for adoption! this was a dangerous decision since we are both a little obsessed with dogs and a visit to the humane society while a little tipsy has all the potential to either end in sobfest, or a car full of doggies. i managed to keep my pupternal instincts in check but my friend ended up submitting an application for a cute little terrier…we’ll see what happens!

anyhow…look at these little faces! aren’t they adorable?

all together now….”awwwwww”


bap bap bap

April 24, 2010

hey hey girlies!

i’m soooo excited that this weekend is finally here! my mommy is coming back from korea! is it horrible that i’m most excited about seeing what she brought back for me? 😀

i was already informed that there are no clothes for me cus apparently everything they sell in the street markets come in one size which i’m assuming is extra extra teeny tiny small 😦 i’m planning on going to korea in the fall and i’m crazy scared. my people are so judgmental yo! at least this is totally motivating me to go to the gym everyday even though i am SOO sore! (i really need to learn how to properly stretch before exercising) 😦


i actually took pics of my meals today. well. not everything i ate. but it’s an improvement!

in the morning, i had a couple bites of taro soup before going to the gym. and then afterwards i found myself stopping (arghh!) at a tea shop where i got a passion fruit kumquat green tea with boba.


what a lame picture. you’ll have to trust me that kumquat green tea is super yummy! and the boba was soft and chewy and wonderful like it always is in the teashops in cali!

when i got home, i had a bagel with PB and blueberries! organic blueberries at H-mart are $.88 right now! stock up!

isn’t melty peanut butter so sexy? mmmm!and then for dinner, i had every non-korean’s favorite korean dish! bibimbap! i can’t tell you how many times someone has said…OH MY GOSH! you’re korean? i LOOOVE bibimbop! which i think is a hilarious…especially since

*confession* i don’t even like bibimbap! the name basically translates to mixed rice…and i’m not huge on rice to begin with…and i prefer to eat everything separately!

anyhow, i thought this meal would make a good picture so i ate it! plus, it’s probably healthier than anything else i would have chosen. i’m such a dedicated blogger!

so what we have is brown rice surrounded by zucchini, carrot, radish, tofu, some kinda sprouty veg, bulgogi (bbq beef), and bean sprouts. and a blob of red pepper paste.

isn’t it pretty?

then you mix it alll together until it looks like this:

except a “real” korean person woulda used like 5 bajillion times more red pepper paste than me and their rice would be RED. but i don’t like the paste…which is another reason why i don’t like bibimbap all that much 😛

well, there you have it! i updated 3 days in a row guys! GO ME! i will stop with the rambling posts soon once i’m settled into regular blogging again. i promise. thank you soo much to you girls who didn’t forget me!


April 23, 2010

you guys…i really suck at this losing weight thing.

look at what i picked up after the gym!

i stopped by a JJ bakery which is a taiwanese/french bakery to buy something “for my dad” and i swear i had the best intentions

gah! i’m not even sure what it is…but it looked too yummy to pass up. it’s a croissant with some kinda cream cheese/custard with blueberries….


dun dun dun


it’s stuffed with mocha cake!

what the hell! like buttery croissant wasn’t enough…let’s just throw some cake in there!

haha i have nooo idea how anyone stays thin out here!

anyhow. i think i need to go to a different gym. there are two that are the same distance from my house…but only one of them is surrounded by a million asian cafes that sell crepes/boba/froyo/pastries/friedchicken/everything that i shouldnt be eating after the gym! 🙂



April 21, 2010

hello hello beauties!

WOW. don’t i suck at updating?

i’ve been visiting mis padres in cali for the past couple weeks and have been too busy working on my tan to bother blogging. haha!

but in about a week it’s back to boston and reality.  i’m thinking…well, almost certain i will be in montreal for a bit. anyone live out/up there? anyone still reading? well if by any chance you are reading…and you’re in montreal…i’d love to meet up.

also…i think i’m going to start a new bloggie. things are a changing in my world…and this just seems like old news now.

well…to update you on weight/fitness/etc….i’ve fallen off the wagon big time…but i’m slowly getting back on track. i’ve been going to the gym and working out muscles that i forgot i had. my whole body is soreeee….i think i gained about five-ish pounds since the last time i weighed myself which was eons ago…and i’m just thankful it isn’t more. right now i’m just trying not to gain anymore weight because there’s just too much good food out here in LA and i’m having a hard time passing it up.

to be more specific…i’ve been eating mexican food and froyo like a crazy obsessed person…which i basically am…with both things.

how am i supposed to resist that? *sigh*

well, i promise to be back soon and get caught up with your lives too! 🙂

my secret bloggie valentine!

February 14, 2010

my secret bloggie valentine arrived!

❤ ❤ <3!


my valentine was jenny of this winding road who sent me such a LOVELY package…

look! a hello kitty plushie! y’all know how much i love her 🙂

and bows…and pink…and leopard print! eek! all my favorites!

hk even has a HEART bow! i love it!

thank you so much jenny! and of course thank you to janetha for organizing the secret bloggie valentine exchange.

happy valentine’s day!

sweet start

February 12, 2010

ack! my sleep schedule is so messed up. it’s 6AM and i still haven’t gone to bed, so i thought i’d drop in and say hello.


and for your viewing pleasure….here are some more dessert pics.

blueberry pie eaten at my sister’s craft club (we made aprons!) the lattice top was the first to go. what’s your favorite part of a pie?

a huge slice of carrot cake brought back from a wedding….(that’s a dinner sized plate)

and some yummy meyer lemon meltaway cookies i baked (try this recipe out- easy, quick (kinda) and yummy!)

have a happy friday!